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                   Nantong Tengrui Petrochemical Equipment Manutacture Co., Ltd is committed to mixer, filter and other equipment development and production, have strong technical force, advanced processing equipment, detection means complete, and has more than ten research institutions with established good cooperative relations, the main development VS series production of static mixers, injectors, desuperheater, VJG series of fine filter, SB series pump filters and muffler, mirrors, flame arrester, breather valve and other nine categories, more than 50 series of high-tech technology products. Over the years, “Tengrui” to effective quality assurance system, improvement of management style has won the majority of users love the products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, paper making, metallurgy and other industries.
                   Nantong Tengrui Petrochemical Equipment Manutacture Co., Ltd will be “open, refinement”, the spirit of enterprise, to provide users with excellent service. We welcome all friends to visit, work together.

                It is a leading enterprise in the field of deform separation
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